Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

The name is the idea behind the comany

Anomaly is a response to the widespread recognition in the industry that “the models are all broken” and “the traditional solutions are all becoming less and less effective.” From the company’s inception, we realized intuitively that, in order to succeed, we needed to create something that was, literally, an “Anomaly” - a deviation from the norm.


Outsourching Your Marketing

We take an extremely consultative approach to each new project. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, every client & campaign is different. Digital Anomaly has a fully customizable outsourced marketing solution suited to start-ups & local businesses through to national & international enterprise clients.

Digital Anomalies teams provide board-level strategy & advice, research & competitor analysis for existing marketing teams in addition to a full suite of available outsourced digital marketing services. Tailoring outsourced services for each client as either a cost/time-saving measure, on a project basis for specific channels or as a fully outsourced marketing solution, each client is completely unique.

How we deliver the Anomaly model.

ANOMALY Methodology
Maximum impact
Digital Anomalys trademarked ANOMALY methodology our consultants are empowered with industry-leading Digital Strategy. Our marketing consultants are able to deliver data-driven ROI-focused execution on the optimum strategy for your business.
Cutting Edge Technology
Leveraging Innovation
Social Media is one of the most powerful ways to interact with existing and future customers. Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or many others allows you to build up a brand and engage with customers on a more personal level. Digital Anomalies Social Media Marketing team stays up to date with the ever-changing trends and best practices for Posting and engagement to Maximize the ROI of time spent on these platforms. We will tell you what you are doing wrong and where you can maximize your account and engagement.
Improved Engagement
Captive Audience
Improving your customer relationship and engagement is a key part of establishing brand value and driving sales. An improved engagement with your customer base establishes trust in you and your brand which will result in increased sales.
Diverse Industry experience
Clientele across different sectors
We represent clients across numerous different sectors spanning from Real Estate, Technology, Saas, and even Luxury spas to name a few. This diverse range of clientele has given us the ability to plan and adapt for different challenges each different sector represented. Knowing what methodology to employ for each sector to achieve the greatest effectiveness and ROI when planning and executing our marketing plans.
Dedicated Specialists
Passionate & experienced
The diversity of talent and skillsets at Anomaly allows us to recommend what is right for the specific business challenge rather than reflect a bias to a particular discipline like 'advertising' or 'digital' or 'PR'.
A collection of the very best people working together; a rare combination of high talent and low ego; and a relentless pursuit of ideas that drive effectiveness and growth, no matter what 'shape' they take.
Strategic Approach
Planning & execution
Digital Anomaly believes that planning is at the forefront of any successful marketing strategy. Weekly, monthly and yearly strategy plans will be constructed by our marketing consultants to ensure your marketing strategy is carried out seamlessly and effectively for your company.



One unified cross-channel marketing strategy driven by best in class creative.

Thought leadership, expertise and industry research delivered weekly, monthly, and quarterly, keeping the brand on the cutting edge.

Monthly and quarterly business plans and strategy showing what was done, the results, and how to achieve newly identified goals.

Clear dashboards and budgets tied to exact business goals.

Proprietary software-driven and source-based forecasting built on competitive analysis and business data.

Real-time communication via Slack and project management systems. Deep integration between business verticals.

Strong focus on building relationships, celebrating success, scaling what works, testing, finding solutions and celebrating again.

Fanatical about quality service, communication and customer success.